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Ozone Therapy, Wellness & Beauty Centre

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Ozone Therapy, Wellness & Beauty Centre


At L'EAU DE LA VIE we offer a wide range of health and beauty improvement services.

Ozone Therapy

Treats over a 100 Illnesses, Problems, Disorders, Diseases, Everyday Health Issues....



Electro Therapy

- Analgesia - Muscle stimulation-skeletal muscles and smooth muscles - Edema reduction - Activation of lipolysis - Influence blood and lymph transport - Activates metabolism.


5in1 Cryolipolysis

A new, non-invasive way to gently and effectively reduce fat in targeted areas of the body that results in a noticeable, advanced-looking fat reduction in the treated areas.


Massage Chair Therapy

A quick relaxing, stress relief treatment.

Massage Chair Therapy


Swedish Massage and also Deep Tissue Massages also known as Sports Massage



Using one of the most effective, less pain waxing products! .



What is Ozone?

Chemically, ozone is oxygen (O2) with an extra molecule added (O3). Electrically, ozone is oxygen with a higher energy level, making it unstable and highly reactive.
Oxygen moves and changes in a cycle, just as there is a cycle of water. Oxygen is released during photosynthesis by land plants (such as shrubs, flowers and trees) and ocean phytoplankton (mostly unicellular diatoms), which rises up in the atmosphere, about 25-30 miles. At this atmospheric level the oxygen is energized by a part of the ultraviolet spectrum of energy from the sun, and this leads to ozone production. Because Ozone is heavier than air it begins to descend. Ozone immediately attaches itself to airborne particles if it contacts them, oxidizing them, and thus cleaning the air. If it encounters water vapor, Ozone can attach itself to it, forming hydrogen peroxide. Through natural processes, both rain and snow contain hydrogen peroxide. This is why plants grow better from rainwater than from irrigation as it contains the added hydrogen peroxide element and benefits the plant.

At ground level, ozone attaches itself to all pollutants, oxidizing them and cleaning the air, Ozone has incorrectly been blamed for contributing to smog levels. Ozone is present in smog only transiently at around 25 parts per hundred million.
The ozone that exists in the atmosphere is produced by nature and it is attracted to pollutants because of opposite charge - it attempts to oxidize them and clean the air. The problem lies in there being too little ozone to complete the job and counteract smog, not too much.
Ozone is also created near the ground by lightning. The fresh smell in the air after a thunderstorm is ozone that has formed during the element interaction.

Fighting Benefits

What is Medical Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is an amazing element that has the power to detoxify the body by breaking down toxins and heavy metals. Ozone also helps to build new and healthy cells, tissues, organs and ultimately healthy body systems. By doing the above Ozone helps the body to restore to an optimal health status resulting in overall wellness and quality of life.

Is Ozone Therapy safe?

Ozone therapy is free from any side effects and has been found to be an extremely safe medical therapy. In a 1980 study done by the German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy, 644 therapists were polled regarding their 384,775 patients, comprising a total of 5,579,238 ozone treatments administered. From this massive test group there were only 40 cases that noted any side effects, which represents the incredibly low rate of .000007%. Ozone has thus proven to be the safest medical therapy ever devised.

How is Ozone Therapy done on a Client?

Depending on the patient's main concern and treatment objective the Integrative Doctor will prescribe treatment in one/more of the following ways:
Intravenous Ozone administration
Ozone inhalation through olive oil
Ear insufflation
Can be used for the following conditions:
Eye problems
Infection or inflammation of the brain
Heavy metals in the brain
Any other condition of the brain and/or nervous system
Memory problems, fogginess in the brain
Funnelling or cupping

Why does Ozone Therapy prevent disease?

Ozone therapy targets the root cause of most modern day diseases and conditions, because it is a powerful therapeutic tool for curing disease, but it is equally important for prevention of disease. The hundreds of different diseases named by science and medical based practice are but symptoms of one underlying cause. That root cause, as proven by two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg, is hypoxia, or oxygen starvation at the cellular level. Hypoxia is the cause of degenerative disease (such as arthritis, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, cancer, etc.). Ozone both treats and prevents most contagious diseases too (mumps, measles, influenza, cholera, tropical fevers, etc.).


Does Ozone remove body waste safely?

The human body is 2/3 water, of which 90% is lymph and 10% is blood. In order to gain energy the cell has to burn the sugar in the oxygen, and formed waste products arecarbon dioxide and water. If there is insufficient oxygen at the cellular level, the burn process will be incomplete, and different substances of carbon monoxide and lactic acid will be formed. The body cannot easily rid itself of monoxide; which prevents hemoglobin from picking up fresh oxygen, and the body temperature is lowered. The lactic acid will build up in the system, clogging the nerve pathways, eventually calcifying and causing degeneration. More oxygen is required to come in and oxidize these toxins, but if it is not available, they build up leading to further problems. The blood will carry a heavy load of sludge, and toxins will be deposited in the fat which can lead to cellulite and other externally visible conditions. The water that composes the body gets dirtier and dirtier and ultimately results in disease. This is where ozone therapy shines - in eliminating toxicity from the body. Ozone taken on a daily basis will, over time, clean all the fluid of the body, safely resulting in optimal wellness and an improved quality of life.

cause of disease

What does Ozone do

- Stimulates the immune system,
- Cleans arteries and veins,
- Improves circulation,
- Purifies the blood and lymph,
- Normalizes hormone and enzyme production,
- Reduces inflammation,
- Reduces pain,
- Calms the nerves,
- Stops bleeding,
- Prevents shock,
- Prevents stroke damage,
- Reduces cardiac arrhythmia,
- Improves brain function and memory,
- Oxidizes toxins allowing their excretion,
- Chelates heavy metals;
- Prevents and reverses degenerative diseases,
- Prevents and treats communicable diseases,
- Prevents and eliminates auto-immune diseases.

Does Ozone really inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast & protozoa?

Inactivation of pathogens occurs as follows:
- Bacteria: Ozone disrupts the integrity of the bacterial cell envelope through oxidation of the phospholipids and lipoproteins.
- Fungi: Ozone inhibits cell growth at certain stages preventing the fungi from growing and causing problems.
- Viruses: Ozone damages the viral capsid and interrupts the reproductive cycle by disrupting the virus-to-cell contact with peroxidation. The weak enzyme coatings on cells, which make them vulnerable to invasion by viruses, make them susceptible to oxidation and elimination from the body, which then replaces them with healthy cells.

How does Ozone improve circulation in the body?

In circulatory disease, there occurs a clumping of red blood cells which hinders optimal blood flow through the small capillaries and decreases oxygen absorption due to reduced surface area. Ozone has the ability to reduce, or eliminate, clumping, and red cell flexibility is restored, along with its oxygen carrying ability. Oxygenation of the tissues increases as the arterial partial pressure increases and thickness of the blood decreases. Ozone also oxidizes the plaque in arteries, unclogging the blood vessels.

How does Ozone improve your metabolism?

Ozone causes an increase in the red blood cell glycolysis rate. This leads to the stimulation of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate (2,3-DPG), which leads to an increase in the amount of oxygen released to the tissues. There is a stimulation of the production of the enzymes which act as free radical scavengers and cell wall protectors: glutathione peroxidase, catalase, and superoxide dismutase. Ozone activates the Krebs cycle by enhancing oxidative carboxylation of pyruvate, stimulating production of ATP. Ozone also causes a significant reduction in NADH and helps to oxidize cyochrome C. Prostacyline, a vasodilator, is also induced by ozone.

How does Ozone slow down malignant tumor metabolism?

Ozone oxidizes the outer lipid layer of malignant cells and destroys them through cell break-down. Phagocytes produce hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl to kill bacteria and viruses. The generation of hydroxyl by killer cells is critical to their cytotoxic capability. Ozone stimulates conversion of L- arginine to citrulline, nitrite and nitrate by phagocytes, acting on tumors.

What type of Conditions can be treated with Ozone Therapy?

Anemia Angina Ankylosing spondylitis
Apthous stomatitis Arterial occlusion Arteriosclerosis
Arthritis Asthma Atherosclerosis
Athlete’s foot Bacterial pneumonia Bell palsy
Bornholm myalgia Bronchitis Bronchospasm
Burkit lymphoma Cancer of all types Candidiasis
Carbuncles Cellulitis Cerebral atrophy
Cerebro vascular accident Chicken pox Chlamydia
Cholecystitis Chronic pain Chronic pulmonary disease
Cirrhosis of the liver Colitis Conjunctivitis
Crohn’s disease CystitisCytomegalovirus
Dermatitis Diabetes Diverticulitis
Echovirus Eczema Emphysema
Encephalitis Encephalomyelitis Endocarditis
Endophthalmitis Epstein-Barr virus Erysipelaa
Folliculitis Furuncle Genital warts
Giardiasis Glaucoma Glioma
Gout Grave’s disease Guillane-Barre syndrome
Hairy leukoplakia Heart arrhythmia Heart disease
Hematoma HemorrhoidsHepatitis of all types
Herpes of all types HIV/HTLV Hypercholesterolemia
Hypersensitivity Hyperthyroidism Hypotension
Ichthyosis Ileitis Impetigo
Influenza Leukemia Leukoencephalopathy
Leukopenia Listeriosis Lupus erythematosus
Lyme disease Lymphoid pneumonia Lymphoma
Macular degeneration Malaria Mastoiditis
Measles Melanoma Meniere’s disease
Meningitis Migraine Molloscum ecthyma
Mononucleosis Morbilloform Ocular trachoma
Optic neuritis Oral erythema Orbital cellulitis
Orchitis Osteomyelitis Osteoporosis
Otitis media OtosclerosisP.I.D.
Pancreatitis Panniculitis Parainfluenza
Parkinson’s disease Pemphigoid Pernicious anemia
Pneumocytosis Pneumonia Proctitis
Prostate enlargement Retinitis pigmentosa Reynaud’s disease
Rheumatism Rheumatoid arthritis Rhinitis
Rubella Salmonella Salpingitis
Scabies Scleroderma Senile dementia
Shingles Sinusitis Skin burns
Spinalioma Stroke Syphilis
Tendinitis Tetanus Thrombopenic purpura
Thrombophlebitis Thyroiditis Tinea versicolor
Tinnitus ToxoplasmosisTraveler’s diarrhea
Trench fever Trypanosomiasis Tuberculosis
Ulcers Urethritis Urticaria
Uveitis Varicella pneumonia Varicose veins
Vascular retinopathy Vasculitis Warts

5 Main Benefits of Ozone Therapy

• Detox liver and Kidneys
• Boost Immune system
• Increase blood circulation
• Gives energy to all cells in the body
• Decreases pain and inflammation
Also helps for:
• All kinds of disease and disorders
• Removes fat permanently
• Targeting and eliminating cellulite
• Slows down ageing
• Enhance general health
• Restore skin elasticity e.g. Stretch marks

How do Humans become oxygen deficient

Polluted air, toxic chemicals and heavy metals in the environment, devitalized food and lack of proper breathing techniques are among the main reasons for cumulative oxygen deficiency in humans.

What is the main cause of Disease?

STRESS is the biggest environmental factor for disease
The human body is composed of 2/3 water, Disease happened when water gets DIRTY.
To maintain a CLEAN system, proper diet and sufficient oxygen in the blood is required.
It is VIP to maintain sufficient Oxygen in the body for cellular metabolism.
Ozone is very powerful as it increases the stability of normal good cell and destroys the bad.

What is Electro Therapy?

Electro Therapy is a FDA well-Proven therapy that can be applied is a variety of treatment. This term also applies to the use of electrical current with accelerated wound healing. The two most common methods for electrotherapy are Trans Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and iontophoresis.
The TENS units are commonly used to relive pain by blocking stimulation of propriety nerve threads or slow transmission of pain indicators.
Iontophoresis is defined as the movement of ions by biological material under the influence of an electric current.
The application of Electrotherapy (E-Stim) with the HOCATT is both an electro-therapeutic device and is also Rife Resonation device, based upon Rife Therapies.

What effects does Electro have on the body?

– Analgesia
– Both skeletal muscles and smooth muscles
– Acceleration of reinnervation
– Edema reduction
– Challenge of metabolism
– Activation of lipolysis
– Influence on blood flow and lymph transport
– Activation of metabolism
- Anti inflammatory
– Counter-irritation
– Pain fiber block
– Release of endorphins in the CNS
– Disruption of pain meditators

Who won’t be able to do Electro Therapy?

- Implanted cardiac pacemaker
- Post traumatic inflammation
- Severe types of arterial occlusive disease
- Thrombosis, thrombophlebitis
- Injuries of muscles, bone, tendons, joints
- Fresh wounds and hematomas (bruises)
- Abdominal area in Pregnancy
- Carotid sinus area

Who should be having these treatments?

The best candidate is someone who is in relatively good shape, or is at least fairly close to their goal weight, but has modest areas of fat bulges that they'd like removed such as a muffin top or bra budges or weighty inner thighs. These treatments are certainly not an alternative to a healthy diet or lifestyle. So anyone who decides to go ahead with treatment needs to realize that this does not give them the ability to binge eat or forget about taking care of themselves. This treatment cannot stop you from putting weight back on. It may simply be that you will put the weight on in a different area as the number of fat cells in the treated area will have significantly decreased and therefore not be able to store the fat as easily any longer.

What common areas are treated?

The lower abdomen, the flanks, love handles, saddle bags, bra bulges, back fat, inner thighs, man-boobs or flabby knees are the most common treated areas, but it is important to remember that this is not a procedure for weight loss or for people who are obese. It works best for people who have isolated pockets of resistant fat. Those areas that you can see are struggling to respond to diet or exercise and simply need a different approach.

What can be expected after Cryolipolysis treatment?

Several days after the procedure, the cooled fat cells begin a process called "apoptosis" and begin to shrink. These damaged fat cells are slowly metabolized over several months by our bodies and removed through the liver. Cold Technology is highly effective and is producing consistent results for local areas of fat like the love-handles or 'man-boobs'. Larger areas of fat may require more invasive treatments such as tummy tuck or traditional liposuction. With the Cryotechnology you will start seeing results after 4-12 weeks.

How does Cryolipolysis work?

One cooling head at a time is applied at a time. The Cryolipo cooling head generate a vacuum that temporarily decreases blood flow to the treated area, immobilising the fat tissue, and isolating the treated area from surrounding tissue.

Low temperature (0° C to 4°C). If you feel too uncomfortable with the cold, let your therapist know. Once the cooling procedure is completed, the fat cells are liberated into the lymphatic system and gradually eliminated by the body's natural metabolic process. This process is helped by using Lipo Laser, Cavitation and RF (Radio Frequency) heads. Skin isn't damaged, but subcutaneous fat, which is more sensitive to targeted cold, begins a two-month destruction after exposure to Cryolipo Fat Freezing.

There is no anaesthesia or recovery time needed. After the treatment is completed, patients may immediately return to their normal activities including work and exercise.

Can Cryolipolysis be combined with other treatments?

Yes it can and is recommended to do it with Ozone Therapy which will make the Fat Freezing more effective than it already is.

How many sessions should one consider with Fat Freezing?

Depending on the size of the candidate you will need 1-6 sessions every 14 days.

Several days after the procedure, the cooled fat cells begin a process called "apoptosis" and begin to shrink. These damaged fat cells are slowly metabolized over several months by our bodies and removed through the liver. Cryo Technology is highly effective and is producing consistent results for local areas of fat like the love-handles or 'man-boobs'. You will start seeing results after 4-12 weeks, with the results gradually improving from week 4 right up to week 12. It is also important to remember the results will continue to improve for up to another 6 months after treatment.

Is Cryolipolysis safe (Fat Freezing)

Extensive testing has shown that cooling only damages fat cells, and other tissues at the treatment site are not affected. The dead fat cells are swept away and discarded by the body's normal metabolic processes. Because of its non invasive nature; Cryolipo Fat Freezing has considerably fewer risks than other fat reduction procedures. This procedure is considered safe for most patients, although there are certain risks associated with any kind of treatment. Some of these risks may include redness, bruising and reduced sensation in the treated area. These side effects are normal and usually go away on their own after the treatment.

What are the possible side effects of Cryolipolysis?

Side effects are usually mild and related to the end cooling temperature of the treatment. After the treatment, there is a mild burning sensation which usually subsides within 10 minutes. Skin may be red for several minutes to several hours. On certain areas bruising may occur which usually resolves after 7-21 days. If this persists for more than that you should contact your clinic. Other side effects may include temporary bruising, tingling, tenderness or temporary dulling of sensation. Some patients report mild abdominal cramping the first night after the procedure.

Is Cryolipolysis safe for all skin types?

Yes Cryolipolysis is safe for all skin types.

The Five Steps od Crylipolysis

Step 1 and 2 in the 5in1 Cryolipolysis process

Step 1

Step 3 in the 5in1 Cryolipolysis process

Step 1

Step 4 in the 5in1 Cryolipolysis process

Step 1

Step 5 in the 5in1 Cryolipolysis process

Step 1

Benefits of Chair Massage

Lowers anxiety
Increases circulation
Boosts immune system
Lowers blood pressure
Relieves muscle pains and headaches
Decreases stress
Improves sleep quality
Generates more flexibility

Massage Chair

Ozone Gel

Our Ozone Gel has so many wonderful healing properties.

It helps with skin rashes such as Psoriasis, Shingles, Eczema and more such as cuts, scrapes, Bruises, Spider bites.

it also helps to alleviate pain in joints and hands cause by injury or arthritis.

It is a pure ‘ozonated olive oil’ which contains no additives, colourants, preservatives or fragrances whatsoever.

Two ingredients only: Ozone and extra virgin cold extracted Olive oil.

Ozone Gel

Ozone Day and Night Cream

Day cream

Fast absorbing cream for all skin types packed with Wild Honey, Shea butter, Vanilla Yogurt and Ozone gel.
Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, softens and soothes skin
Visible results in 5 weeks

Night cream

Fast absorbing cream for all skin types packed with Rooibos & Moroccan Argon oil and Ozone Gel.
A gentle, non - irritating way to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging.

Ozone Cream


Customer Feedback

Fanie Modimola: "Since I started Ozone therapy, my muscles are more relaxed. I feel light, sleep well and I am busy with the second cycle. I would make it a lifestyle.”

Magda Reyneke:“Na sewe sessies het ek stelselmatig ‘n verbetering in my Rumatoïde Artritis gevoel gepaardgaande met gewigsverlies.”

Jeanette Modimola:“I was always tired and couldn’t do anything when I came home after work. Since I used ozone therapy I have a lot of energy and my blood pressure and sugar levels are under control. I will definitely continue with ozone therapy.”

Joey Smith:“Ek is met plattelandse vriendelikheid ontvang en met professionele vaardigheid ingewy by die wêreld van osoonterapie. Ooor die algemeen voel ek ligter met meer energie en fisies en emosioneel beter. My gewrigspyne is minder en my liggaam voel meer soepel. Baie dankie vir die aangename ervaring wat ek by L’eau De La Vie ervaar het.”

Mike Giuliani: ““I have been struggling with a leg ulcer and numbness in the left leg for more than a year and was referred to do ozone therapy. I was surprised to notice the quick results – especially the blood circulation in my legs and the quick healing of the wound. I have more energy during the day and also see a big difference in my skin. I will definitely recommend ozone therapy to everyone.”

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